Moringa Conventional Seeds are highly used for oil extraction and also used for industrial purposes. These seeds are rich in oil content and are available in different grades which is mainly used as antibiotics and are anti- inflammatory.


  • Natural with aroma
  • No additives and NON GMO
  • Rich in vitamins, phyto nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids , Behenic fatty acids, and has antihepatotoxicity
  • Germ free technology Sterile packing

Moringa oil comes from the seeds of the Moringa tree. Seeds have an outer hull protecting an inner seed kernel. The seed kernel typically extracted by compressing the Moringa seeds in cold press extraction method. Cold pressing oil, which produces the highest quality product, also extracts the least amount of oil from the seeds, since external heat is not applied for this cold press extraction method.


  • A seed contains almost 30 antioxidants.
  • Good for skin and hair.