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Flax Seed (Botanical Name: Linum Usitatissimum) - How we Process?


Our Farming:

Our company has 25 acres of Flax Seed field in the region of southern India besides that we have yearly contract with local farmers. We can able to supply 20 to 30 tons of Flax Seed in monthly basis

Quality Control:

We have our own cultivation unit up to the processing facility and ware housing, so we can have more quality control on our products in a consistent basis.

Our Facility:

 » Milling

Dried products are made into powder using several pulverizer inside same premises. Once the dried products have been converted into a powder using pulverize internal filters. We do custom fine powder grade using these pulverizing. Our standard powder grade is 60 MESH.

» Packaging

 Packing is made by hand using packaging machines inside our own premises. We do offer HDPE barrel packing with chrome clamp in all sizes as well as using quality carton boxes.



We do make custom packing based on our customer request. We use the packaging companies who can exclusively deal with food grade products, that way they know how to make clean packing.

» Product Treatment

As a product treatment additional option we give our customer like Gamma Radiation, ETO Sterilization & Steam Sterilization for our products.
These product treatment service units has been certified by NSF ISR for ISO 9001 & 13485 Quality Management Systems with compliance to EN 552 & ISO 11137.

» Quality Assurance

For product quality assurance on checking the quality of natural herbs, we ensure the supply of high quality product. Once a batch product has been produced as a finished product, it’s then send it to the Quality assurance labs which do the Microbiology Analysis  for Yeast and Mold Count, Coli form etc.



» Warehouse Storage

Final products are always stored in air-tight containers protected from heat, humidity and light to prevent growth of molds or mildews. We won’t store final products more than a month, since we have resources throughout the year.

» Shipping - Our company offers one of the best shipping rates for all major destinations of the world. We have direct tie-ups with major shipping lines and reputed Clearing House agents.

US FDA Registration - Our Company is FDA registered company for food facility.




Flax Seed

Flax Seed - Usage







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